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Red Kawa File Server 1.1

Red Kawa File Server 1.1 allows you to network your PC with your PlayStation 3
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Red Kawa File Server 1.1 is a file server that allows you to network your computer with your PlayStation 3. This way, you will be able to view and copy files saved in your computer to the PSP3 over a wired or wireless network. During the installation, the program will download and install the Java Runtime Environment, which is a necessary component for the program to work. Don't let the Java installation reboot your PC, otherwise the Red Kawa File Server installation won't complete. When the program is launched, you will see a window with three buttons. The "Launch File Server" button will launch the file server service, that you will control using your Internet browser. The "Launch Red Kawa" button will open the Red Kawa web site, while the "Launch User Guide" button will open the Red Kawas File Server's user guide on their site.
Once installed, Red Kawa File Server will start granting access to the files in your computer through your private IP address. As this is hazardous, the program asks you to specify which directories you want to allow downloading from. By default, it will only allow to download files from the "C:\Documents and Settings" directory which includes your "My Documents", "Desktop", "My Videos", etc. folders. Should you try to download from a directory that is not specified you will always get the "Forbidden" or "404" error. In order to add the directory you want to download from, you will have to click on the "Settings button" at the bottom of any of the File Server pages. You should do this on your PC, not on your PS3.

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